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3. Among the top 100 currencies in 24-hour market value, the top three were DNT (+ 31.59%), ZIL (+ 11.90%) and ETN (+ 10.78%); the top three were nano (- 20.92%)Bitcoin mixer, dash (- 13.77%) and Zec (- 13.19%).

It is reported that GOC is based on eth3.0 blockchain technology to build the world's first decentralized borderless digital gain platform. The public chain uses dposs consensus mechanism to realize the distribution of computing power through multiple super nodes, so that global investors can participate in the projects of computing power investment, and introduce corresponding incentive mechanism to promote market consensus. The GOC project system is divided into independent public chain, independent public chain, public network, public chain, public chain, public chain, public chain, public chain, public chain, etc The design of such functions as computing power mining, application mall, super node, 10000 chain alliance, currency enterprise linkage, lightning contract, global payment, storage wallet, ecological circulation and other functions is a complete blockchain distributed platform. There are dual cryptocurrency systems in the platform, which are the original token GOC, issued through eth, with supervision and endorsement, and run by intelligent protocol, so users can In the GOC project, token storage and computing power financing needs are completed, and all the ecology in GOC platform conforms to the development logic of blockchain, creating a new digital economic experience for users.

On November 30, iohk of Cardano development team released an important notice, saying that the new ADA entrustment plan will take effect on December 6. Due to the change of k parameter, if users are currently entrusting assets to an active fund pool with more than 64 million ADA assets, they need to consider re delegation to avoid missing the reward.

On December 7, the open source financial information platform dia officially announced that it would provide Oracle service for zeroswap, a decentralized exchange based on ZK rollup technology, to provide encrypted asset data information.

Firecoin and IPFs / filecoin founding team protocol labs jointly launched firecoin's filecoin incubation center. The center will set up a $10 million fund to support the ecological development of filecoin. To help filecoin develop globally, firecoin's filecoin incubation center and ecofund will focus on the following key areas:

Today's panic and greed index was 94 (yesterday's 88), and the leveBitcoin mixerl of greed was still extremely greedy.