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3. Among the top 100 currencies in 24-hour market value, the top three were LRC (+ 11.84%), nuls (+ 7.12%) and NEXO (+ 6.30%); the topBinance Bitcoin price three were GNT (- 8.02%), BTS (- 7.88%) and DNT (- 7.62%)

1. The total market value of defi concept currency is now reported at US $17.799 billion (- 1.92%), and the top five tokens are: wbtc (US $2.373 billion), CDAI (US $1.235 billion), Dai (US $1.041 billion), uniswapv2 (US $848 million) and yfi (US $698 million).

SFT will log into BW lunar landing program at 16:00 on December 14. Safex integrates global payment engine and distributed database, adds privacy layer and security for online store, and ensures anonymity of sender and receiver of transaction through ringsignatures and one time addresses. Safextoken is a utility token and SOV for revenue sharing.

Meng Chundong, CMO of taiyiglobal & Youdun wallet, said: the upgrading of Ethereum 2.0 will turn POW mining into POS, but in fact, the initial stage of the whole upgrading process is the coexistence of two chains, the existing main chain (original chain) and the new chain (POS mechanism), as well as two tokens eth1.0 and eth2.0. During this period, users can burn eth1.0 in exchange for eth2.0, but eth2.0 will be effectively frozen until the full upgrade of 2.0 is completed. As for the intermediate state of coexistence of two chains, how long does it take? Officials expect the upgrade process of 2.0 to take at least 3-5 years. One of the important reasons why it takes so long is that there are still some core problems to be solved in the original chain,

At present, there are many new communities emerging in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other cities where digital asset industry chain enterprises cluster. As a result of recognizing the community-based exchange mode of wave network exchange, it has been put into the ecological promotion of BOBT, and the future development is expected.

Launched by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, efforce is a blockchain platform that allows everyone to participate in and benefit from global energy-saving projects. Efforce combines blockchain technology and its team's long-term technical expertise. When implementing energy-saving projects, due to the support of thBinance Bitcoin pricee Internet of things, the energy savings generated can be tracked through the efforce architecture and uploaded to the blockchain, and the contributors can directly obtain the savings generated through the project. Companies will also benefit directly from improved energy efficiency, as lower energy consumption directly reduces their cost structure and reduces their carbon footprint to the environment. Saving amount automatically triggers bank account automatic transfer. At the same time, efforce combines blockchain with finance, holds the license to raise funds for the public, and enables more people to participate in energy conservation projects through the efforce platform.

According to golden fruit app( JGZ.COM )According to the official data, in the past 24 hours, the 11 major exchanges monitored have recharged 7.853 billion yuan and withdrawn 7.264 billion yuan; in the past 24 hours, the net recharge value has reached 590 million yuan, with a net recharge of 1.618 billion yuan in the past seven days, and 94600 person times have been recharged in 24h; the data cover erc20 and trc20.

According to decrypt, December 8, the analysis platform Based on the Ethereum blockchain, a total of 268 encrypted artworks created by muratpak, a Turkish 3D action designer, were sold on different trading platforms for a total price of $1079382 (about 1881eth).