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Spotify, the world's largest music streaming service, may be considering supporting bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments, according to the latest job offer for spotify, the world's largest music streaming service, according to trustnodes on December 3. Spotify is looking for an associate director to join its payment strategy and innovation team, based on the content of the offer. The director will focus on new opportunities aBitcoin Price World Coin Indexnd innovations in distributed ledger technology, blockchain, cryptocurrency, stable currency, central bank digital currency (CBDC) and other digital asset ecosystems. At the same time, the recruitment requirements state that candidates are expected to have rich experience in developing strategies and solutions for blockchain digital assets, and need to have the will to promote user participation in the field globally. In addition, it will be responsible for daily docking with Libra Association.

As a hedging tool, futures have its advantages. These advantages include the characteristics of leverage, the continuous change of underlying prices, the large number of transactions that can support, and so on. But futures also has its limitations, including single function and high unilateral risk.

At present, the total value of the mobile token of uniswap is about 1.7 billion US dollars (+ 2.94%), and the 24-hour transaction volume is about 392 million dollars (+ 26.09%). The top three token of increase: mph (+ 81.95%), Orai (+ 42.49%) and SFI (+ 42.09%); the top three tokens of decline: xamp (- 51.58%), pickele (- 46.27%), XSP (- 24.41%). Tip: anyone can create and name any erc20 token on uniswap. Please pay attention to the risk when exchanging the token.

Stani kulechov, founder of AAVE, tweeted that This is a positive sign for defi. All defi protocols should strive to achieve cross composability. AAVE has been working with andrecronje since the beginning of this year and we have achieved positive network effects.

According to whale alert data, 26316228 EOS were transferred from the clustoken address to the unknown address kjhbgvcfgghfd at 12:42 Beijing time on November 22, with a value of about US $82.31 million. The transaction hash is d7757a9e5c9b9805877ae74af185514fa52fc010d17633a6c6dc92d51c617ce.

MyAnimeList, the anime online community, has incorporated cryptocurrency payments into its e-book platform, according to cointegraph.Bitcoin Price World Coin Index The company will cooperate with its parent company, digitallist, on the block chain of myancimelist.

Chainupwaas Alliance on the chain and currency Xiaobai announced that they had reached a deep strategic cooperation. The two sides carried out in-depth cooperation on the application and implementation of blockchain technology, blockchain financial services, capital security and other aspects.

Ourbit gold analyst currency circle Zhuge Liang: hour level, both ends of the brin belt shrink, the market is running below the ma10 moving average above the middle track of the brin belt. From the K line, we can see that the market is testing the resistance of the upper ma10 moving average and the lower supporting force of the middle rail of the lower brin belt. The short energy column of MACD continues to expand, the dead fork of the fast and slow line goes down, and the dead fork of the third line of KDJ diverges downward. From the four hour level, the market is near the Ma5 moving average to test whether it can stand firm. All Ma moving average indicators are upward trend, but MACD bull energy is weak, fast and slow lines have the signs of forming a dead cross, and KDJ three line has formed a dead cross. The TD sequence has reached 13. Combined with the average index of each cycle, the subsequent market will inevitably have a callback, and Zhuge Liang in the currency circle believes that the general trend is still upward.

Next, hedge fund managers with $100m or more in bitcoin positions will be the best investors of their generation, Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss tweeted yesterday. It's like George Soros smashed the pound. Bitcoin will rise 30 times.

The total amount of yfiw was 88888, 8000 were awarded by airdrop, 60000 by community crowdfunding, 20000 by mobile mining, 888 by developer team, without any reservation, pre excavation and additional issuance. In this round of airdrop activities, users who participate in the airdrop activities can get 0.1 yfiw. Each friend invited can increase 0.1 yfiw, and the maximum number of yfiws can be 2.