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On May 27, Bitcointalk netizen CHIEF56 called on people to pay attention to a strange transaction at a certain Verge (XVG) address. After careful inspectiBitcoin secondson, it was found that these transactions contained strange timestamps and could not be found in other browsers, so there was a possibility of double-spending attacks.

JumpCapital believes that as one of the greatest macro investors of all time, Paul Tudor Jones’ recognition will be one of the main catalysts for Bitcoin’s rise. In fact, the steady rise in the price of Bitcoin helps to eliminate some of the "investment shame" of the past crypto asset class and promotes other emerging portfolio managers to continue to increase their positions. On the other hand, there are data showing that both CME’s (CME) Bitcoin futures and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust) are also increasing, both of which are the most frequently used Bitcoin investment tools for institutional investors.

Not only that, Gath3r also launched a loyalty program solution for website operators. Website visitors can earn additional interest income by pledge of Gath3r's token GTH. At the same time, the token revenue generated by website operators through mining can also be rewarded to visitors who contribute computing power in a certain proportion, thereby incentivizing more users to visit the website and stay longer.

ZacPrince: My name is ZacPrince and I am the founder and CEO of BlockFi. I have been to the first episode of the CryptoTonight show, and I am glad to introduce myself to new friends again. My personal background is mainly in technology companies, and some of my recent experiences are mainly in the field of online loans. BlockFi is to build a credit market in the cryptocurrency field, and the company's vision has many expansions on this basis.

The stable currency GUSD issued by Gemini helped us take one of these steps. As a stable currency backed by the U.S. dollar, GUSD is also regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), which has always been regarded as the most stringent regulator in the cryptocurrency field. Another stablecoin regulated by NYDFS comes from Paxos; the crypto financial company Circle also launched a stablecoin. In the middle of this month, the front page of the Financial Times published an article stating that stablecoins are the next hope in the cryptocurrency field. With the continuous influx of similar compliant assets, the interest of institutional investors will grow stronger.

Urdubit, Pakistan's first Bitcoin exchange, announced its closure after the National Bank of Pakistan prohibited all financial institutions from processing crypBitcoin secondstocurrency-related transactions. Urdubit warned its customers to withdraw fiat and cryptocurrencies immediately. The platform said through Facebook and Twitter and its official website that it will terminate services due to the central bank's ban.

Basis, previously called Basecoin, is developing a cryptocurrency whose issuance is controlled by an algorithm, not a central bank. In contrast, Bitcoin and most major cryptocurrencies have a fixed issuance, and changes in demand can cause large price fluctuations.

The Bancor protocol does not work well on ETH, but it has been re-run on EOS, and it is also particularly suitable for memory transactions. If you let the exchanges go online for memory transactions at the beginning, people will think this is a very strange Thing, but EOS uses the Bancor protocol to solve this problem. The Bancor protocol is a smart contract that provides sufficient liquidity and can be considered an important function of DEX.

The complete development route of ETH is divided into four stages, namely Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis and Serenity. The ETH metropolis is divided into two smaller stages: Byzantium and Constantinople. Byzantium is the first stage and has been completed in October 2017. ETH Constantinople refers to the final stage of upgrading through a hard fork and entering the metropolis. Therefore, from the perspective of the development stage, this event is a normal technical iteration of ETH ecological development, rather than a black swan event that broke the community consensus. ETH has always adopted the POW mechanism, and the upcoming Constantinople will introduce the POS mechanism for the first time, paving the way for the fourth phase of the full POS mechanism, which will reduce the income of miners. Until the final quiet stage, the POW mechanism will be completely abandoned, and the ETH network will no longer need miners to mine.