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2020 is unforgettable, especially for Bitcoin. 2020 has become a pandemic year. As masks and isolation have beCryptocurrency Bitcoin pricecome the new normal, the world has changed drastically. During the escalation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to near zero for the first time since the global financial crisis more than 10 years ago.

Bitcoin (BTC) broke the $000 mark, followed by a short correction, and then the price rebounded. The cryptocurrency community is excited and confused. Most people in the market cannot explain why this continuous capital injection occurs. Many analysts and traders also said that there are no fundamental factors affecting the market. Regarding the reasons for the BTC price increase, various cryptocurrency analysts elaborated their views.

CHAOEX claims to have a daily turnover of USD 0 million, more than double that of CoinbasePro. However, the turnover of each order in this market is almost constant: evenly distributed every day and every hour. And, this is not affected by market price fluctuations, breaking news, breaks, weekends or other factors in the real world.

DaveWeisberger: The Bitcoin bull market in 2020 is not dominated by retail investors. This time is different from 2017. You will find that the search trend of Bitcoin keywords on Google has not changed significantly. In addition, the level of market speculation is also very low. Seen from the leveraged retail trading market. Bitcoin buying interest in 2020 mainly comes from three types of investors:

On May 8, according to TheBlock news, Paul Tudor Jones (Paul Tudor Jones), the founder and CEO of Tudor Investment Corporation, a well-known hedge fund management company and a top trading guru on Wall Street, recently stated in a letter to investors that cryptocurrencies can resist a large number of central banks. Inflation caused by money printing, its tens of billions of TudorBVI funds will participate in bitcoin futures trading. (Note: Paul Tudor Jones is known as the "Wall Street Trader" and has set a record of three-digit returns for five consecutive years)

Poloniex launched a pre-fork transaction at around 1 am UTC today Cryptocurrency Bitcoin priceto maintain a neutral position in the upcoming Bitcoin Cash upgrade. The theory that the market can help users reach consensus on the technology roadmap has been put forward before. This is the latest version of the exchange seeking to play a role in supporting community decision-making.

In addition, Bitcoin core developer Jeremy Rubin posted on TechCrunch in early September that since the Ethereum contract does not require ETH to pay for Gas, more and more DApp users may choose to pay with their ERC-20 tokens in the future. Gas, leading to further weakening of the demand for ETH. data shows that the current Bitcoin network transaction verification speed is 62 transactions per second, which is almost half of the previous 7 transactions per second. The current network has accumulated more than 4,1300 transactions without verification. Johoe'sBitcoinMempoolStatistics data also shows that since the halving , The number of unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin chain has increased significantly.