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The founder is anonymous, there is no IBitcoin scam Chuck CheeseCO, no pre-mining, no founder block rewards, no master node rewards, completely driven by community consensus, and aims to create a "decentralized and fairer world." Grin is almost completely Copying the Bitcoin model and the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, it is hailed as "the fairest project after Bitcoin."

ETF is an abbreviation. The first letter is exchange, the second letter is traded, and the third letter is funds, so the full Chinese name of ETF: exchange-traded fund. In short, an ETF is an investment fund that is linked to the price of the underlying asset (commodities, indexes, bonds or other assets), such as index funds, which are traded on exchanges and can be used by retail investors and institutional investors.

Lopp: Yes. Regarding the scalability of the blockchain, this is a very interesting description. I prefer to call it vertical scaling. In computer science, when we talk about the scalability of technical systems, what we really mean is that we hope that the system can process more data, process more events and do more quickly without increasing the operating cost of the system. More things.

Regardless of the growth of 100 million to 100 million, the growth rate has been declining. In fact, the peak of the US demographic dividend has already appeared in 2010. From the late 1980s and early 1990s, we have seen a large-scale influx of African-American blacks and South American Mexicans into the United States. After that, it was Asians, such as Koreans, Indians and people. It is precisely this reason that has caused a huge split in American ideology today.

Martin Wismeyer, the marketing manager of Bitcoin ATM machine manufacturer GeneralBytes, told a blockchain reporter that their one-way coin exchange machine BATMTwo has two models, priced between 3249 and 4999 US dollars; and their main product The two-way currency exchange machine BATMThree has 5 models, priced between 7,499 and 9,499 US dollars.

In addition, the lack of custody of cryptocurrency assets has always hindered institutional funds from entering the cryptocurrency market. Encrypted assets are currently facing risks such as loss of private keys and currency theft by hackers. Professional third-party custodians are urgently needed for asset custody to enable institutional users to dispel doubts and enter the game Bitcoin scam Chuck Cheesecalmly.

ActionFraud said on Friday that it had received 300 fraudulent emails two days ago. These emails attempt to deceive readers into believing that their computers have been infected by viruses, and unless they pay a fine with Bitcoin, the files will be deleted. In fact, these emails are just a phishing campaign, mainly for extorting money from unsuspecting victims. ActionFraud stated in the warning: