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CBDC is a digital currency issued and monitored by the central bank. It is opposed to Bitcoin and even runs counter to the entire concept of cryptocurrency. The report pointed out that CBDC is regulated and operated in accordance with the rules of those in power within a certain range. In contrast, Bitcoin's anti-censorship and decentralization allow users to trade and store Bitcoin without the risk of funds bBitcoin mining algorithm exampleeing frozen, seized, and confiscated.

In March, gold, which has been repeatedly compared with Bitcoin, also depreciated, but not as much as this digital asset. According to data from MarketsInsider, the price of gold fell by 13% during March. It fell to US$1,4640 per ounce on March 19 and hit a monthly high of US$1,6940 per ounce on March 8.

Banks with insufficient reserves may fail, but this will be a healthy market signal, and the survival of the fittest can make the entire market stronger. Looking back at the disintegrated banking system in 2008-2009, you will find that financial institutions know that they will be rescued if something goes wrong, so they pile up leverage. Since the government has made it clear that it will not allow banks to fail, this valuable feedback mechanism has disappeared in the market, and risks have become less and less detectable.

The attributes of Bitcoin risky assets have weakened. We believe that with the decline in inventory caused by the halving of Bitcoin block rewards, the current price pressure may only be temporary. When the S&P 500 index fell nearly 14% in the fourth quarter of 2018, Bitcoin fell about 45%, and both bottomed out at the same time. This phenomenon indicates that Bitcoin is still susceptible to the fall in the stock market, but there may be differences between the two when it rises. For example, in 2020, the S&P 500 Index fell by 20%, but Bitcoin still rose by about 9% and hovered. Near the $000 support level. Our analysis chart depicts the correlation between Bitcoin and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, especially when the stock market is falling rapidly, this correlation is more obvious.

The original intention of the design of funds such as ETFs is to fit the changes in the transaction prices of underlying assets as much as possible. If the spot price of a unit of Bitcoin is greater than the price of a unit of Bitcoin ETF share, authorized participating brokers can choose to buy Bitcoin ETF shares in the secondary market, redeem Bitcoin with Bitcoin ETF shares in the primary market, and proceed to the transaction Sell ​​Bitcoin in the market to get the price difference.

RedHat is actually a software service company incubated by the Linux community. If a company is using enterprise-level Linux, RedHat will provide services to the company, including the packaging, maintenance, security, and modification just now. This service is very valuable. This is actually a valued business model incubated in the open source community. So the code of serious blockchain companies should be open source. And make sure tBitcoin mining algorithm examplehat the company has a technical community. If a project is not recognized in the technical community, and the technicians cannot agree with the code, the project is not feasible.

The difficulty of BTC mining this week is 393T, which is an increase of 0.014T compared with last week, and the average daily computing power is 413EH/s, which is an increase of 0.33EH/s compared with last week; the difficulty of ETH mining this week is 187, which is 5 days higher than last week. The force is 142TH/S, about 7TH/S rise. The public's search interest for digital tokens has fallen from last week.

This network upgrade is named Constantinople/St. Petersburg Upgrade (Constantinople/St.PetersburgUpgrade), and is no longer called Constantinople hard fork upgrade. The reason for the name change is that the initial Constantinople network upgrade has been postponed and two protocol upgrades are required at the same block height (ie 280,000) in order to fix problems on various Ethereum test networks (such as Ropsten).

June is the month with the largest number of blockchain project financing, with 51 projects receiving financing, accounting for 26% of the total in the first half of the year. In February, the number of blockchain project financing was the least, only 18, accounting for 3%. Since February, the number of blockchain project financing has shown obvious signs of picking up.