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Use GPU for Bitcoin mining

On December 4, BleepingComputer, a technology-centric publisher, reported that malware researcher DineshDevadoss discovered a piece of malware on a website called, which was an advertisement forUse GPU for Bitcoin mining a smart cryptocurrency arbitrage trading platform. The website did not drink any download links, but hosted a malicious software package in the name of UnionCryptoTrader.

Looking at the 4-hour level, the price was blocked from rising in the morning, and the Bollinger mid-rail was back tested. Supported by the 20-day moving average, the price rose again. Currently, it is constantly testing the suppression of the upper high. The Bollinger Channel narrowed its mouth slightly, and both the attack line and the defensive line were upward and heavy. The overall pattern maintained a shock upward trend. The top line focused on suppression of 23900-23200 and the bottom line focused on support of 23400.

Not only that, in the same period, the impact of Bitcoin's second "halving" on price changes was much smaller than that of the first "halving". The reason for this situation is likely to be due to the decline in market inflation during the period from Bitcoin's first block reward halving to the second block reward halving. After the first block reward halving, the median Bitcoin inflation rate dropped from about 60% to about 10%, and after the second blockchain reward halving, the median Bitcoin inflation rate dropped from 10% Down to about 4%. When the market demand level is similar, a smaller inflation shock will take longer to adjust prices and respond to changes.

Cowen: My colleague Robin Hanson highly praises the idea of ​​predicting markets. Why do we only have a few prediction markets now? Now you can make predictions about election results and sports games, but this is still relatively thin compared to actual economic events.

c) At present, security companies with a huge volume of 360 have begun to access public chain projects such as EOS in a public welfare manner, which marks that traditional Internet security technology companies have begun to pay attention to and intervene in the blockchain field. This will be a long-term benefit for the security of future blockchain projects, especially public chain projects.

Brin added: There are several factors that play a role in computing prosperity. First, of course, the stable operation of Moore's Law... The second factor is greater demand, which stems from the advanced graphics technology in the game. Surprisingly, it comes froUse GPU for Bitcoin miningm the GPU-friendly workload proof algorithm. These algorithms exist In some of the major cryptocurrencies today, such as Ethereum.

From October 20 to November 5, in just half a month, the project's token price fell by 71%, and the largest single-day drop during the period reached 30%. When the industry media broke the suspicion of the project on November 5th, the price of CDC tokens dropped by 90%.