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Asicboost caused controversbitfinex bitcoin pricey for a while, and some people believed that the technology was secretly used by mining pools. Now that the mining industry publicly uses this technology, many mining pools have adopted this protocol to improve efficiency. This is because Asicboost can increase the mining speed by about 20% by reducing the chip circuit of the mining machine. According to Dr. TimoHanke's white paper, in essence, the protocol is also applicable to all types of ASIC chips. In the past, the use of Asicboost only occurred on the BTC chain. Last week, 111 Asicboost blocks were dug out on the BTC network, which accounted for 11% of Bitcoin's total computing power.

The DeFi market seems to have rebounded rapidly from Black Thursday in March. According to data from DeFiPulse, the total value locked in has returned to an all-time high of $1.7 billion. The FOMO sentiment that began a few weeks ago has driven investors and speculators to flock to the DeFi protocol to deposit their crypto collateral.

Since the Fibonacci cycle 144 corresponds to the 6/30 change, the time has run more than half, and the next important cycle of 233 corresponds to 9/27. From the above figure, we can see that every major cycle interval of 55-889-144 maintains a trend, so theoretically speaking, 144-233 should maintain an overall upward trend. At 0.382-7440, 0.50-7120, 0.618-6800, there should have been another upside opportunity, but after all, the market cannot stop the decline. From the perspective of prices, the recent trend has returned to above 0.786-6350. Overall, there is still an upside probability.

However, the ETF that WisdomTreeTrust has applied for on June 16 may open a window for investing in Bitcoin. The ETF may invest up to 5% of its net assets in CME's Bitcoin futures contract. If approved, the ETF, called the WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity Strategy Fund, will invest the remaining net assets in energy, industrial metals, precious metals and agricultural products, with Bitcoin accounting for a small portion.

The EOS community is responsible for selecting 21 super nodes in a continuous voting, so as to ensure that the perpetrators can get out at any time. Each wallet address can invest coins to up to 30 BP candidates. The 21 organizations with the highest vote rate can become super nodes, and the EOS protocol will generate tokens as a reward for super nodes through the process of inflation.

So far, the crypto basket has mainly revolved around entry-level cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum. The Coinbase Index Fund allows investors to invest in all assets listed on the crypto exchange GDAX. However, since these assets only include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin, there is almost bitfinex bitcoin priceno room for combination. General retail investors can't enter the market, because the minimum entry threshold is $250,000. Of course, not all basket-based services are like this.

Is Libra a real blockchain? Do not. Will it compete with the truly open and public blockchain Bitcoin? never. Because Libra will not compete with open, open, permissionless, borderless, neutral, and censorship-resistant blockchain projects, it will compete with commercial banks and central banks. Wait for a good show.

There is actually a positive side to the mutual antagonism in the currency circle. It is precisely because of seeing the shortcomings of the other party that it has contributed to the diversification of the cryptocurrency field. The important thing is that you can face your own shortcomings squarely and put them into practice in the process of mutual confrontation, and you can't just talk about them. As for whether the cryptocurrency field will stand out or flourish, time will give us the answer.