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During the past weekend, BTC ushered in the long-lost rapid rebound performance Where is Bitcoin acceptedand successfully completed the effective recovery of the 10,000 integer mark. The optimistic prediction of multiple accounts in the latest statistical cycle has received positive feedback from the market, and the next statistics The cycle will cover this rapidly rebounding market, and what actions various accounts will do in this long-lost unilateral market is very worth looking forward to.

Data from Bitcoin retail traders shows that 75% of traders are net longs, with a long/short ratio of 44 to 1. The number of traders' net long positions decreased by 0.4% from yesterday and 2% from last week; while the number of traders' net short positions dropped by 7% from yesterday and 4% from last week.

From the market perspective, although miners are providing computing power to protect network security, Bitcoin holders seem to be hoarding Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency exchanges recorded a large outflow of funds in April, which may indicate that Bitcoin owners are inclined to hold them for a long time. In addition, certain U.S. cryptocurrency owners will also use the economic stimulus funds they receive to buy Bitcoin.

HackingTeam is an information technology company headquartered in Milan, Italy. The company provides paid computer intrusion and surveillance services to government departments and law enforcement agencies, allowing the government to monitor the communications of netizens, decode encrypted files, record Skype and other Internet phone communications, remotely turn on microphones and camera.

But as long as their sharding plan is successful, Ethereum's transaction throughput will increase by at least 200 times. This is very important, but it still needs to solve the calculation problem of the blockchain. Even if the sharding technology has been successfully deployed, it is still difficult to predict how the world's computers will achieve mainstream applications.

On August 9th, TechWeez reported on Wednesday that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) issued a draft planWhere is Bitcoin accepted to impose taxes on cryptocurrency transactions and operations. The report shows that this draft was first proposed in April of this year; and currently in South Africa, cryptocurrency is neither an official South African currency nor a widely used and accepted medium of payment and exchange. For this reason, cryptocurrency is regarded as an intangible asset by SARS. If the draft is passed, all cryptocurrency holders and traders in South Africa will need to disclose the profits and losses obtained in the course of their transactions and include them in taxation. In addition, the South African Revenue Service added that this proposal has received a positive response from the South African cryptocurrency community because it symbolizes the government's support for this field.