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Since the birth of Bitcoin, it has achieved a gain of millions of times. Among them, it has fallen by more than 50% many times. It is commonplace for the volatility to exceed 10% in a day. Severe volatility has strenBitcoin mining taxgthened the speculative nature of digital currencies. Although it has given some speculators the opportunity to make short-term arbitrage, in the long run, it actually hinders the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the real world. After all, in the use of cryptocurrency, companies and consumers do not want to face unnecessary volatility risks.

The original intention of JPMCoin, a digital token, is to solve the transactions between its wholesale payment business customers, especially international payments and securities transactions transferred to its blockchain. JPMCoin itself is not legal tender, it is a digital currency that represents the U.S. dollar and is deposited in a designated account of JPMorgan Chase. In short, the value of one JPMCoin is equivalent to one US dollar. When a customer sends funds to another customer through the blockchain, JPMCoin will be transferred and immediately exchanged for the equivalent dollar, thus shortening the settlement time.

The Bitcoin blockchain is actually a ledger, so all transaction information needs to be included in the ledger to reflect the ownership of each bitcoin. The ledger needs to be broadcast between nodes to achieve the purpose of distributed backup ledger, which is a key feature of Bitcoin. At present, node broadcasting is almost entirely dependent on the Internet, which brings a potential "single point of failure" problem to Bitcoin, which reduces the robustness and security of the entire network.

At that time, a post on r/Reddit "Boughtat$1500AMA (Buy AMA for $19,500)" received 1,044 comments. Today's post claiming "Thebig$12kBitcoin (Bitcoin value exceeded US$12,000)" has only 285 comments.

In an interview with Forbes, the head of the SEC's cyber law enforcement department Robert Cohen said that although the exchange created with blockchain technology has no centralized operation or management, the founder of the technology still needs to take responsibility. Cohen said that the SEC's focus is not on the type of service, not on the technology itself, but on:

The price volatility of BTC gradually decreases with the increase of market value, and the price of BTC is already in the bottom range at this stage. As the BTC market value scale increases, the BTC market becomes more and more mature, the public accepts more and more professional institutions, and compliance operations are becoming mainstream, and the volatility of BTC prices decreases. The biggest drop in BTC price in this round has reached the level of the second round. In terms of price adjustment, the BTC price is aBitcoin mining taxlready at the bottom range at this stage.


I don't know if this tweet by Bitcoin Jesus RogerVer is a mockery, criticism, or regret, but this move stimulated Andreas' fans. Afterwards, fans started donating bitcoins to Andreas, and Andreas eventually received a donation of about 100 bitcoins.

Lagarde also expressed concern about this. She believes that Trump is challenging the way trade works in order to undermine business confidence. In addition, Lagarde confirmed that dark clouds are coming, and the problem will continue to escalate to the point where it cannot be corrected. The atmosphere in the financial world is getting more and more tense, but it also creates new opportunities for the development of emerging assets.

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