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This shows that the short-term bottom of BTC's price retreat needs further running in. At the same time, the short position strength accumulated more during the BTC unilAccept Bitcoin paymentsateral upward period, releasing the selling pressure will help to continue the long trend in the following.

According to whallert data, 513000 BTCs were transferred from the unknown wallet at the beginning of 3kzh9q to the coinbase exchange at 05:00, Beijing time. At the current price, the value is about 55.5455 million US dollars. The trading hash is: e944fed70d624603a34da9d44f959bfd9c1730470ad267ec2b297cee923eed627.

According to cryptoquant, the daily outflow of bitcoin miners reached a record high in the year, reaching 8966 bitcoins.

On November 24, moonswap officially announced the launch of Kepler protocol, mooncake and stacking vault (pledge vault). Some of the benefits from Kepler protocol will be injected into stakingvault, which will provide revenue for mooncake, officials said.

As of 20:00, according to the official perpetual contract data of 58coin, the positions of large holders are as follows:

The new token was created by avalabs, the founding organization oAccept Bitcoin paymentsf avalanche, Roche cyrulnik Freedman LLP, an American law firm, and Republic advisory services, a consulting firm. Many users lack the funds to conduct legal proceedings. Litigation financing can enable investors to pay for their claims if their claims are successful.

Trustswap announced that NFT and erc-20 token trading platform swap will be launched at the end of December. Swappable will support the casting, purchase and sale of erc-721 and erc-1155nft.