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In the first half of 2019, the blockchain recovery began. The total amount of investment and financing reached 16.5 billion yuan, and the number of investment and financing increased month by month. China andBitcoin price conversion the United States continued to lead the world; the market value of the top ten cryptocurrencies generally increased by more than 100%, and the price of Bitcoin once again exceeded the $10,000 mark after more than a year; JP Morgan Chase, Facebook and other institutions continue to enter the venue, the SEC issued regulatory guidelines, and the first batch of filing projects for cyberspace office...

On April 6, 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (ReserveBank of India) had stated that in view of the related risks, the bank would not release its own confidential currency (ie CBDC). A statement was issued against any regulated entity that trades in cryptocurrency, including:

For the United States, military intervention also requires sending troops overseas, causing casualties and will face huge domestic pressure. On the contrary, financial sanctions can achieve the effect of long-arm jurisdiction through the global dollar system with a single official document. Therefore, in recent years, the United States has frequently initiated economic and financial sanctions against certain types of countries and companies, which has been repeatedly tried and tested. Therefore, the United States attaches great importance to the financial control of the US dollar.

nn multi-signature is not common, we prefer to use mn multi-signature (such as 2-3 multi-signature). We don't want to lose everything by losing one key (out of n keys). Key aggregation is very suitable for this scenario. In the Schnorr signature algorithm, we use a Merkel tree composed of public keys to implement key aggregation. This method is not efficient, but it will be usable. Unfortunately, when the values ​​of m and n increase, the size of the Merkel tree increases exponentially.

The Augur network runs on smart contracts. Simply put, a smart contract is responsible for trustless custodial services, it is bound by code (without manual intervention), and releases funds according to some predetermined criteria. You can place bets on the Augur network without using Augur's local REP tokens. Instead, you can bet with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Services like Oraclize automatically pass the results of the basketball game from to the Augur smart contract. As the game score changes, the smart contract will resolve the bet and distribute the funds to the winner.

The store variable of the Token contract points to a Storage contract whose current address is 0x2d1477Dd9c494e8758eC8D03f9F8b838CE39441,Bitcoin price conversion which can be replaced by the issuer through setStorage(). The Storage contract is used to manage investor information and permissions. It stores investor categories, Ethereum addresses, KYC/AML required information and other data, and management permissions for different types of accounts, so as to realize complex permissions management. Account management and supervision rules are independent contracts separated from the main contract, which help to upgrade the contract code in accordance with regulatory requirements and have high flexibility.

This week, the monthly volatility of the main tokens has generally risen. The monthly volatility of BTC is 21.2%, an increase of 4% from last week; the monthly volatility of ETH is 21%, an increase of 2% from last week; the monthly volatility of EOS is 21%. An increase of 0% from last week; the monthly volatility of XRP is 30%, an increase of 17% from last week. The volatility of mainstream tokens in the market has risen significantly this week. Pay attention to the short-term price risk.

Vijay believes that from an economic perspective, the price level of all currency commodities is determined by reserve demand. More precisely, it is the reserve time of an average unit of currency commodity. An example is gold. Gold can permanently exist in the vault, because it is generally believed that gold will also retain its value in the far future. Therefore, gold has a high reserve demand, which is why its market value can exceed 7 trillion US dollars.

CircleCEO pointed out that Circle has delisted some tokens from the digital token platform Poloniex, and Circle acquired the platform at the end of February this year for $40 million. If they continue to cooperate with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, they may delist more tokens.